The Coasts of Denmark. Photographs by Janne Klerk

Now on display, 08.09.2017 – 07.01.2018

The photographer Janne Klerk has captured Denmark’s extensive coasts with her camera. With her works she has created a beautiful photographic narrative about the transitions between land and water.

Janne Klerk: Møns Klint, 2006
Janne Klerk: Møns Klint, 2006

Klerk's many years as a photographer have led to a multiplicity of assignments, and in the last ten years, through a number of projects, Klerk has focused on the coasts of Denmark. She has journeyed through Denmark, back and forth – by land and water, to see, apprehend and describe this part of Denmark for us with the desire to realise, “a pure photographic narrative,” as she puts it.

The exhibition focuses on the “landscapish” part of the coastal region – from the wild North Sea to the more sheltered coasts and fjords, and the series of photographs consists of dramatic depictions of steep cliff faces, among them those at Møns Klint, and heavy winter skies above frost-filled water in muted earth colours. But among the works there are also mild fjord landscapes with green grass and still water - or extensive views of the coast with evening mist or blue expanses of sky with drifting clouds reflected in the water below. The many motifs remind us of the many different types of landscapes we find and rediscover along Denmark’s very long coastline.

The exhibition has been realised in collaboration with Janne Klerk and the Fuglsang Art Museum, which will present the exhibition during the period 19th May – 27th August 2017.