Ribe Kunstmuseum On Tour

Ribe Kunstmuseum contributes to a number of exhibitions in Denmark and Worldwide. Here you find a list of the current exhibitions

National Museum, Warsaw
On display at "Solstice", (until March 5th 2023) at [National Museum, Warsaw(https://www.mnw.art.pl/en/temporary-exhibitions/solstice-nordic-painting-18801910,50.html), you'll find Willumsen's "Glaspustere på Hellerup Glasværk", Johansen's "En kaffepassiar", Ancher's "En mor med sit barn i en sollys stue" and Bjerre's "I en landsbykirkes våbenhus".

Randers Kunstmuseum, Faaborg Museum og Sorø Kunstmuseum
On display at "Harald Giersing - tales of the Modernism", you'll find Giersing's Self-portrait, The Artist's Sister in a Black Dress and Filosofgangen. Sorø