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27 May - 27 August 2017: THESES. Danish Contemporary Artists in Dialogue with the Reformation.

In THESES. Danish Contemporary Artists in Dialogue with the Reformation, 25 prominent Danish artists have been invited to reflect on the Reformation and its significance.


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August 21st, 19h00: Photo walk in Ribe

We invite all photo-loving people to take a stroll in the cobblestone streets of Ribe to catch sculptures and monuments in urban space with their camera or phone.

October 12th-14th: Free entrance and open until 20h00

On October 12th to October 14th you can visit the museum for free - all day until 20h00! See the exhibition "Coasts of Denmark", take a stroll through the collection and have a cup of coffee - or something to eat - in our beautiful café.

Nordic jazz, concert with Berg

October 14th, 15h00-16h00.
On October 14th the Nordic jazz quartet, Berg, will visit the museum. Berg plays Icelandic jazz in Danish written by saxophonist Snæbjörn Snæbjörnsson and is inspired by Icelandic folk music, psalms and post rock music.

For our Italian tourists

Visita una collezione unica in uno dei musei più antichi della Danimarca!
Nelle suggestive stanze del Museo d’Arte di Ribe puoi ammirare interessanti mostre e seguire la storia dell’arte danese dal 1750 al 1950 attraverso la collezione permanente.


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