Current and previous research projects and research collaborations.

Research Collaborations and Networks

Research at Ribe Kunstmuseum is conducted in close collaboration with a number of other institutions and professionals with an interest in the Museum’s area of responsibility.

Since 2012, Ribe Kunstmuseum has had a formal association with Fuglsang Art Museum. Both museums, each in its own part of Denmark, specialise in the Golden Age, the Modern Breakthrough and early Danish Modernism.

The museum’s specialists are part of a number of formal and informal research networks.

Research Profile

Research at Ribe Kunstmuseum is rooted in the collection and the special expertise of the professional staff. For many years, the Museum has focused on the Danish Golden Age, while ongoing research has also been conducted into education and dissemination of the collection. From 2017 and in the coming years, there will be a special focus on the Modern Breakthrough, Modernism and the history of the Museum.

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