The Museum Café

Visit the Museum Café and enjoy a quick lunch, a cup of coffee and a cake either indoors or out.

The Museum has a charming little café where you can buy lunch between 11h30 and 15h00, coffee and cake, and beers and soft drinks from local breweries. The Café overlooks the Museum Garden. The terrace is a perfect place to relax in summer. There is a selection of art books and magazines available, so you can mull over art at the same time.

Please note that the Café stops serving 20 minutes before closing time.

The menu is as follows in the hours 11h30-15h00:

Croque-musée with ham, cheese and a salad on the side, DKK 115
Mushroom croque-musée with salad on the side, DKK 115
Homemade bun with cheese and marmelade, DKK 45
Salmon cappacio served with a salat, DKK 120
Pumpkin soup with bread croutons, pumpkin seed and a touch of green oil, DKK 85
Soup made of leeks and potatoes served with bread and salted bacon, DKK 85
Chrispy tartlets - choose between two kinds of fillings - Creamy chicken in asparagus or seasonal crispy vegetables. DKK 85
Pastry / cake of the week DKK 40

In the context of special events and special openings, refreshments must be organised individually for each individual booking.